2015-2016 Editorial Staff & Production Team


Lara Altunian Dance Reporter

Lara is an Angeleno who loves to experience different cultures through dance. She is interested in visual and interactive storytelling and hopes to dive into LA’s dance community as both an arts journalist and critic. Aside from reading and writing, she also enjoys crafting, skating and consuming copious amounts of coffee.


Katie AntonssonWeb Designer, Copyeditor

Katie is a native Angeleno who’s been getting lost in art museums since the age of six. She likes pocket notebooks, Andrew Wyeth paintings, earl grey tea, and heated debates about hip-hop. Her font of preference is Garamond and she will never relinquish the serial comma.


Corinne DeWitt Hopscotch Correspondent

Corinne believes in willfully disarranging the senses and wishes she were a French surrealist. A lover of wine and violas and calligrammes, she revels in immersion: art that considers time and space. 


Karina Cabreja Editor

Karina is a New York native who grew up in a single-parent Dominican household. She does music marketing for Universal Music Latin Entertainment by day and is an arts journalist by night. Karina’s love of music and the arts have driven her passion to understand and dig through the depths of the people who make it happen.


Monica Castillo Film Reporter

Monica is the resident film fanatic. She’s traveled to a few festivals, met a couple of legends, and has some great stories about hitchhiking to red carpet premieres. Monica can usually be found online talking about the film she just watched.


Donna Granata Fine Arts Reporter

Donna is the Founder and Executive Director of Focus on the Masters, a non-profit reference library and educational program documenting contemporary artists. She is the type of person who names her pets after famous art lovers – cats Claribel and Etta Cone, and zebra finches Henry Miller and Anis Nin who were particularly amorous. She is currently developing her velvety radio voice.


Allyson Gronowitz Managing Editor

Allyson is still anxiously awaiting her Hogwarts letter. She can be found waxing existential on Twitter regarding science fiction, hockey, feminism, and all of the great television you should be watching. Allyson is widely acknowledged to be the only sentient being on the planet who unironically loved the ending of Lost.


Mark McNeill — Creative Producer

Mark is a lifelong explorer focused on forging human connections through cultural exchange. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1999, Mark co-founded, a Los Angeles-based non-profit web radio station and creative arts collective. Since then, he has directed the organization in its mission of spreading positive music, arts, and culture across the universe. Mark finds joy in traveling the world: listening, tasting, looking, feeling, and interacting with a wide open mind.


Jonathan ShifflettAudio Editor

Jonathan is a guitar, banjo and fiddle player with a passion for radio storytelling. His only plan so far is to stand at the intersection of art and culture holding a microphone. Someday, he hopes to keep bees.

Kelby VeraEditor-in-Chief

Kelby is a friendly witch who likes to write about art. You can likely find her visiting museums, talking to neighborhood cats, or browsing cheese in your local grocery store. She enjoys sturdy cameras, wet paint, awkward poetry and making a mess.


Brian Welk Content Producer

Brian is a journalist, film critic, Chicagoan and Honorary Hoosier. When he’s not watching movies or managing embarrassing spreadsheets of films he still has to catch up on, he’s a craft beer enthusiast, “that guy” who dances at indie rock concerts, and a newly minted insane person at Fantasy Football and Baseball. If he can find the time (he almost never does), he enjoys skiing, golfing, biking and running.


Allison Wolfe — Editor

Allison was raised in an all-female, single-parent household by a lesbian feminist mother who started the first women’s health clinic in Olympia, WA. While attending university, Allison co-founded a punk feminist fanzine “Girl Germs,” an all-girl band Bratmobile, and third wave feminist punk movement riot grrrl. She also initiated a non-profit feminist music festival Ladyfest in 1999. She DJs, sings in the band Sex Stains, and is working an oral history of riot grrrl.

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