Alexandra Billings is a member of the critically-acclaimed cast on Amazon’s Golden Globe-winning television series “Transparent,” as well as an AIDS and LGBT activist, writer, and theater arts professor. Billings came out as transgender in the 1980s and has forged a pathway for herself and future generations of trans performers through acting. In 2005, playing the role of Donna in the ABC film Romy and Michelle: A New Beginning, Billings became the second transgender actor to portray a transgender character in the history of television.

As a professor of drama at the University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach, Billings has encouraged her students to their own experiences when bring a role to life. More recently, she has worked on such productions as S/He and Me, an exuberant production which chronicles Billings own life, centering on her transition.

A fearless performer and passionate performer, Billings gains joy in “doing everything in a large way.”