Brit Wigintton

Sundance Sparks Hope for Women in Film

The Sundance Film Festival attracts critics, distributors, celebrity-sightseers, and movie-lovers alike to the snowy locale of Park City, UT for 10 days in January. The intimate loveliness of Park City seems picturesque and unassuming but the films that premiere here often become Oscar winners. “Call Me By Your Name” and “Get Out” were among last year’s programming. But for this year’s festival, which ran from January 18th to 28th, a number stood out: 37% of the films were directed by women. Although this statistic is nowhere near where it should be in 2018, it remains the highest percentage of women-directed films ever to be programmed at Sundance....

An Evening at The Peppermint Club with Rainsford

Rainey Qualley is many things: Andie MacDowell’s oldest daughter, part time actress-slash-model, an admitted introvert. She’s even dabbled in directing this year, alongside her younger sister, Margaret (whom you may know from The Leftovers or the Sundance darling, Novitiate) on the music video for her song, “Rendezvous”. But on this mid-December Tuesday evening, she’s Rainsford, a genre-bending siren about to take the stage for her first public performance....

Who is Terror Jr?

One part guilty pleasure electro-pop and one part raw emotion, Terror Jr’s latest release, Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple, continues to not only maintain but exceed expectations for those who have been following the artist since their first single. After being teased for a few days via the group’s social media pages with the album’s cover image of a forlorn-looking blonde crying grape soda-like tears into a pair of waiting glasses, the album dropped last Friday, September 29th....
Brit Wigintton

Brit Wigintton


Brit recently received her undergraduate degree in Film & Television Production from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. As a biracial woman herself, she is constantly inspired by feminism and the representation of minorities in the media and what she can do to influence it. When not on campus, she can be found at an Atlanta Drag show, wandering Disneyland, or making music videos with her friends.