Ampersand’s founding was featured on USC Annenberg’s blog.

From “Annenberg Radio Gets a New Podcast”

Ampersands are visual characters that simply represent the word “and.” But for a new Annenberg Radio News podcast, its symbol is being used to exemplify passion. Ampersand, which uses the character as its logo, covers everything that is arts and culture related throughout the Los Angeles region and USC campus.

Sasha Anawalt, associate professor of professional practice and director of the USC Annenberg Arts Journalism program, oversees the new podcast. Personally, she believes that arts and culture reporting is in poor shape in this country because people are telling far too many stories that don’t move.

In an effort to change that, Anawalt is encouraging Ampersand journalists to create well thought out stories to allow listeners to, in a sense, see blood on the page…


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