Curious about Hopscotch? We’ve captured some sounds, sights, and feelings of this mobile opera – recollections of its Red, Yellow, and Green routes.
For those eager to remember or relive Hopscotch, and for those who wish they could have been there, we’ve created story maps that take you on the journey.
Produced by Corinne DeWitt for Ampersand

Hopscotch is the creation of Artistic Director Yuval Sharon and his team at The Industry, the revolutionary opera company that brought Invisibles Cities to Union Station in 2013. Hopscotch is an operatic collaboration by six composers, including Hopscotch Musical Director Marc Lowenstein, Veronika Krausas, Ellen Reid, Andrew McIntosh, David Rosenboom and Andrew Norman. They realized early on that Hopscotch would be a disorienting experience and embraced a lack of certain control. In addition to the diverse, site-specific backdrops that set each scene, the opera’s story arc is nonlinear–chapters play out in no particular order.

These maps with original audio, video and photography by Corinne DeWitt are meant to record the Hopscotch experience in order to provide a hint, a taste, a Proustian memory of things past for those who saw it and to give those who cannot see it an entry point for knowing what happened. These are a journalism record.

Text supplied in these Red, Yellow and Green Maps about the discrete chapters is by Yuval Sharon, verbatim, as told at the first rehearsal for cast and crew in October.

Read on for DeWitt’s complete Hopscotch coverage.



Original audio, video, and photography by Corinne DeWitt.