2016-2017 Editorial Staff & Production Team

Angel Chen

Angel Chen – Performance Art Editor

Angel was born in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles when she was twelve. She developed her passion for performance art after she played the role as an angel in her kindergarten Christmas play. She will continue to make short documentaries and venture into multimedia platform. Angel spends her free time petting animals, designing costumes and illustrating fashion drawings.


Ashley Eady

Ashley Eady – Managing Editor, Music Editor

Ashley is putting her music degree to good use by writing and podcasting about music. She loves radio, reviewing live shows, and is interested in the intersection of art and technology. She is fluent in French and has a soft spot in her heart for baby animals.



Bianca Richter

Bianca Richter – Webmaster

Bianca is a Los Angeles native, living in Pasadena, CA. She loves musicals, historic architecture, and most things Disney.





Brian Marks

Brian Marks – Film & Television Editor, Copy Editor

Brian is a journalist and critic. Originally from Indiana, Brian spends his free time catching up on new TV and classic films. He is interested in the evolution of television and the future of film preservation. His film and television writing is collected at In Praise of Cinema.



Didi Beck

Didi Beck – Co-Creative Director

Didi grew up in Jamaica. She explores culture and tells ghost stories. And she wants to hear yours.





Haley Ray

Haley Ray – Video Editor

Haley is a native North Carolinian and documentarian, with an interest in film and visual storytelling. She loves running and drinking unnecessary amounts of coffee.





Hannah Deitch

Hannah Deitch – Editor-in-Chief

Hannah is a writer and critic covering film, television, and literature. She is an Atlanta native who spent the last five years in NY making films and writing fiction.





Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher – Text Editor

Jamie writes about music, theatre, TV and comedy. Jamie has a way with words but sometimes they have their way with him.





Paola Mardo

Paola Mardo – Creative Producer

Paola is a journalist and audio producer making stuff about film, race and culture. In a previous life, she worked on publicity, digital and marketing campaigns for film companies including Annapurna Pictures and Sony Pictures. Her work can be found at Film School Rejects, F This Weekly and



Samanta Helou

Samanta Helou – Co-Creative Director and Culture Editor

Samanta is a multimedia storyteller focusing on music, food, and culture. You can usually find her dancing cumbia at La Cita. Her work can be found at

Photos by Samanta Helou