I first encountered the hilariously bratty Seth Bogart when my band, Bratmobile, reformed in 1999. We played our first reunion show with his bubblegum pop-punk band the Knock-Ups at the Stork Club in Oakland. It was his 18th birthday. He was drunk. He was ridiculous. And we loved him. Fast-forward to 2015 where Bogart’s never-ending creative output has culminated in his first visual art solo show. Why does he do it?

Punky musician-turned-visual-artist Seth Bogart celebrated his first solo show at 356 S. Mission Road / Ooga Twooga September 3 through October 2, 2015.  Ampersand’s Allison Wolfe tracked him down at his clothing design label and shop Wacky Wacko to chat him up about plastic, products, Pee-Wee and punk.

Interview and script by Allison Wolfe. Produced by Allison Wolfe, Jonathan Shifflett and Kelby Vera.

The Seth Bogart Celebrity Imposter Party