Top Bunks and Aisle Seats is back with an exciting new episode!

For this fourth installment, Ampersand’s music editor, Ashley Eady, invited Chase McBride and Ethan Varian into the studio. Chase is a singer-songwriter from the Bay Area. Ethan, also from the Bay Area, is a graduate student at USC Annenberg and plays lead guitar in Chase’s backing band.

Chase and Ethan, along with their friends Brice Tuttle and Rob Sharyon, recently recorded a full-length album, Cold Water. Since its January 18 release, Cold Water has been streamed more than 400,000 times on Spotify.

Listen to Chase and Ethan talk to Ashley about the important moments in Chase’s life that inspired him to release new music!

Want to listen to the full album? Of course you do! Find it here

Photo credit for Chase McBride & Ethan Varian: Chase McBride/Kyle Lancaster of Rotor Collective

Podcast theme music: Revolt covering CAN’s “The Thief” (courtesy of dublab)