Top Bunks and Aisle Seats goes international as Ampersand’s Music Editor, Ashley Eady, interviews Edris, a Cuban-born singer-songwriter and USC alumnus.

Born and raised in Baracoa during one of Cuba’s worst economic depressions, Edris didn’t have video games, a computer, or even electricity growing up. For fun, he played baseball with logs and wads of socks. It was a very simple lifestyle that many kids nowadays would consider boring (There was life before iPhones?! Not possible!), but as he puts it, “I didn’t need much to have fun.”

Today, Edris maintains this philosophy of simplicity: He practices meditation and attempts to spread positive energy to others through music. His smart blend of American contemporary pop/rock and Caribbean elements appeals to both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences.

On Friday, April 14, Edris will release a new E.P., called Frequencies, a powerfully personal record that explores themes of loss and perseverance through tough times.


Want to hear Edris’s first single, “Soulful Smiles?” Find it here!

Photo credit for Edris: Laura KG

Podcast theme music: Revolt covering CAN’s “The Thief” (courtesy of dublab)