Edris, Cuban singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist

Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: EDRIS

Top Bunks and Aisle Seats goes international as Ampersand’s Music Editor, Ashley Eady, interviews Edris, a Cuban-born singer-songwriter and USC alumnus! Born and raised in Baracoa during one of Cuba’s worst economic depressions, Edris didn’t have video games, a computer, or even electricity growing up. For fun, he played baseball with logs and wads of socks. It was a…

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Grant Ellman music

Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: Grant Ellman

In this latest episode of Top Bunks and Aisle Seats, Ampersand’s music editor, Ashley Eady, speaks with multi-instrumentalist and USC student, Grant Ellman. Grant’s musical talent became apparent during his childhood. He’s played piano since he was four, guitar since he was eight, and drums since he was ten. At age 12, he became one of the…

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My Friend: A Remembrance

Hari Vasu was one of my best friends, and someone I had known since the first grade. He was incredibly smart and gifted, and it was clear that he had a bright future. The expectations for Hari were that he would become a doctor, and he threw himself at it fully, delighting in learning new…

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Photo credit: Chase McBride/Kyle Lancaster of Rotor Collective

Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: Chase McBride & Ethan Varian

Top Bunks and Aisle Seats is back with an exciting new episode! For this fourth installment, Ampersand’s music editor, Ashley Eady, invited Chase McBride and Ethan Varian into the studio. Chase is a singer-songwriter from the Bay Area. Ethan, also from the Bay Area, is a graduate student at USC Annenberg and plays lead guitar in Chase’s backing band. Chase and…

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Now See This—2001: A Space Odyssey

Welcome to Now See This, a source for classic film recommendations around Los Angeles. To escape the stresses of modern life, why not get away from it all with a trip into outer space and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? The new 70mm print playing at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood is the way the…

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Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: Andrew Justice

Welcome to episode 2 of Top Bunks and Aisle Seats, the podcast that dives into the world of truly alternative music. For this installment, Ampersand’s Ashley Eady sat down with Andrew Justice. Andrew is a violist, as well as the head of USC’s music library. He spoke with Ashley about his love for all things related to…

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