Edris, Cuban singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist

Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: EDRIS

Top Bunks and Aisle Seats goes international as Ampersand’s Music Editor, Ashley Eady, interviews Edris, a Cuban-born singer-songwriter and USC alumnus! Born and raised in Baracoa during one of Cuba’s worst economic depressions, Edris didn’t have video games, a computer, or even electricity growing up. For fun, he played baseball with logs and wads of socks. It was a…

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Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Colburn at The Wallis

On Wednesday night, French-German pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet was joined by students from the Colburn School in a lengthy program of chamber music favorites at The Wallis. Aside from one solo violin piece, all of the music featured Thibaudet either accompanying the instrumentalists or collaborating with young pianists in four-hand or two piano arrangements. Thibaudet, currently…

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Holbox: An Ode to Coastal Mexican Cuisine

There’s an island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Separated from the mainland by a crystal clear and shallow lagoon frequented by flamingos, Holbox Island is an unpaved paradise. People flock there to lay in the white sands, swim with whale sharks, and fish…

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Life in the Blink of an Eye

What time is it on a plane flying across the Pacific? A flight from Seoul to Los Angeles takes 13 hours, and for those 13 hours, you exist in a sort of ephemeral limbo, neither here nor there. There’s this almost tangible connection to the world around you, so close you can swipe at it…

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Grant Ellman music

Top Bunks & Aisle Seats: Grant Ellman

In this latest episode of Top Bunks and Aisle Seats, Ampersand’s music editor, Ashley Eady, speaks with multi-instrumentalist and USC student, Grant Ellman. Grant’s musical talent became apparent during his childhood. He’s played piano since he was four, guitar since he was eight, and drums since he was ten. At age 12, he became one of the…

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